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We provide business and technical consulting from C-level executives to specialized developers on AI, machine learning, and big data applications to deliver impactful results for your organization.

With proven experience in financial, retail, educational, urban mobility, legal, and industry segments, we can help your company by providing all the assistance you need in order to dive into an AI-oriented future.

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meet the Framework®

Develop your business with an evolution process that will guide your company in an end to end AI transformation.

This process is called the Framework®

Acting both on strategy and on hands-on level, we envision, implement, keep, and run an application powered by machine learning techniques. During the process we work jointly with in-house engineers, in the training and capacitating a team capable of doing and deploying new AI projects inside the organization.

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We are a team of specialists working to create an AI-oriented future for your company and bring in expressive business results.

Founded by Thiago Candido, a Brazilian computer scientist that has occupied engineering, R&D, leadership, and executive positions, has the expertise needed to help your company transition into an AI-oriented future.

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