Product - Integrated Reporting Structure for a Healthcare Company

Empowering Healthcare with Integrated SAAS Reporting: Transforming Data into Actionable Insights


One major Brazilian healthcare company sought to develop a sophisticated integrated reporting structure within their Software as a Service (SAAS) offerings. Their ambition was to amalgamate this structure with business intelligence (BI) self-service capabilities, a dietary mix requiring careful preparation. This capability would transform the company's data handling, enabling them to offer a new data product as part of their SAAS solution. With various factors to consider, they needed a partner who could flawlessly bring this ambitious vision into reality.

Solution, with its rich expertise in crafting data products, stepped in to assist the healthcare company. They maximized the capabilities of Azure services and combined them with the advanced analytics of PowerBI. To add to the mix, they deployed PowerBI Embedded for seamless integration into their existing applications. built the integrated reporting structure from the ground up, ensuring it provided real-time, easily digestible insights accessible to all decision-makers across the enterprise. They also emphasized developing the BI self-service capabilities, allowing users to create, innovate, and analyze their reports, which led to enriched insights and enhanced decision-making.


Collaborating with led to the successful development of an integrated reporting system within the healthcare company's SAAS offerings. This reporting system enabled the company to not only provide a new, valuable data product as part of their SAAS solution but also empower their internal teams and clients with comprehensive BI self-service capabilities.

As a result, the company gained efficiency, reliability, and value in their SAAS offering and bolstered the client's confidence in their data-driven decisions. The solution built by provided a competitive advantage in the fierce healthcare market.