Recommender Systems - Upsell and Cross Sell for Insurance Company

Transforming Innovation into Action: Turning Hackathon Ideas into AI-driven Products in the Insurance Industry


One of Brazil's largest life insurance companies planned an AI hackathon to stir innovation and develop actionable AI solutions. The company sought's assistance in structuring the dataset for the hackathon and aiding the teams throughout the MVP development process on Azure and Databricks. The teams, while talented, needed more experience in AI. Training on crucial AI concepts like recommendation systems and Large Language Models (LLMs) was required, along with a need to transform the winning solutions from the hackathon into fully-fledged products.

Solution came on board to provide the needed expertise and oversight. They first structured the datasets, preparing them for the varied challenges of the hackathon. chey then conducted training sessions to educate the teams on recommendation systems and LLMs, equipping them with necessary AI concepts. During the hackathon,'s experienced team guided participants throughout the MVP development, offering invaluable on-the-spot mentorship and support. Once the hackathon was complete and the winners identified, continued their involvement, helping the winning teams refine their ideas and choose appropriate technologies and models. They assisted in prepping datasets and executed the entire product development, transforming the hackathon concepts into commercially viable AI products.


The collaboration with led to a successful AI hackathon that not only stirred innovation but also resulted in the creation of actual products. The teams, armed with newly acquired AI knowledge, were able to develop impactful MVPs and gained invaluable hands-on experience with implementing AI solutions. The products developed from the winning hackathon ideas had a significant impact on the company's operations, demonstrating the practical value of AI in insurance. The whole process also served as a strong example of how AI can be effectively incorporated within a company, catalyzing innovation and value creation on a large scale.