Data Engineering - Near Real Time Reporting for an SP500 Company

Revolutionizing Sales Reporting: Real-Time Updates for Quick Decisions and Better Results


The company, a renowned member of the SP500, had been struggling with its sales reporting system. They could only update their reports every 24 hours - a significant delay that decreased the actionable window for decision-making. In a fiercely competitive marketplace, the company had a pressing need to get its sales report updated more frequently to remain agile and proactive. Given the scope of their operations, they also required this upgrade to be cost-efficient while extending access to over 700 collaborators through internal systems.


The solution implemented a data engineering architecture effectively designed and deployed by The solution harnessed the power of Microsoft's Azure Synapse Analytics and Azure Data Factory to manage, prepare, and distill the various data streams into a digestible format. The utilization of the Spark technology further facilitated efficient and reliable real-time data processing.

The output was then passed on to PowerBI which instantly transformed the processed data into intuitive, interactive dashboards and reports. This setup ensured regular updates in an easily understandable format, promoting quick and informed decisions. Keeping the cost-effectiveness in mind, deployed PowerBI Embedded. This license optimized the inclusion of more than 700 collaborators, enabling them access to the updated reports directly within the internal systems.


By utilizing's solution, the SP500 company was able to get their sales reports updated in near real-time. This significantly enhanced decision-making speed and efficiency, giving them an edge in the competitive market.

The introduction of Azure Synapse, Azure Data Factory, Spark, and PowerBI also streamlined their data processing capabilities, allowing them to leverage data-driven insights more quickly and effectively. Moreover, by embedding PowerBI in their internal systems, the company increased accessibility, extending updated reports to over 700 collaborators. This move fostered a culture of open information dissemination, improving overall operational efficiency. The solution also proved cost-effective, allowing the company to save substantially, thereby increasing its financial profitability.